Artist Resources

Pick up your tour signs

WHO: All registered, participating artists

WHAT: Each studio receives one A-Frame and two H-Frame signs

WHEN: May 31st, 4:30-6:30 pm

WHERE: Prescott Studios, 1127 Siler Park Ln


  • 1) a $50 check made out to “Santa Fe Studio Arts Collective” (check will be returned to you when you return your signs), and
  • 2) if you ordered additional signs, a SECOND check made out to “Santa Fe Studio Arts Collective” or cash to cover the cost of extra signs (at $5 per sign)

2018 Tour Dates

June 8th, 5-8 pm – Gallery Reception at Community Gallery, Santa Fe Convention Center, downtown

June 9th – 27th – Gallery Show at Community Gallery (10 am – 5 pm M-F; 8:30 am – 4:40 pm Saturdays

June 16 & 17 and June 23 & 24 – Artists’ Studios Open 10 am – 5 pm

Registration Instructions


Registration Deadlines*:

      • 15 September 2017 – Early Registration deadline
      • 31 October 2017 – General Registration deadline

*Deadlines apply to hardcopy and online applications AS WELL AS payments
*Hardcopy applications AND all payments must be postmarked on or before the deadline


Guidelines & Requirements for ALL Participating Artists

  1. The tour is open to artists producing gallery quality work, and who have a large enough body of work and a large enough studio space for a successful presentation. Artists must reside in the Santa Fe Area (in city limits, parts of Santa Fe County) or be showing at a studio that meets these requirements.
  2. Artists must fill out and submit an Application.
  3. Artists must be present and have the studio open for both tour weekends during the advertised hours of 10 am – 5 pm.
  4. Artists must have an email address.
  5. Artists must have a website.
  6. All sales proceeds received by participating artists remain the property of the selling artist and all costs and taxes incurred from the sale of art by the artist are to remain the responsibility of the artist. As required by New Mexico law, each artist must have a CRS (gross receipts tax) number and be responsible for collecting and paying sales tax for their business. As required by New Mexico law, each artist must have a business license either from the City of Santa Fe or County of Santa Fe depending on where they are located.
  7. Each artist must have proof of liability insurance. The Santa Fe Studio Arts Collective is not liable for the property and/or facilities of others nor injury to anyone on property.
  8. Each artist must serve on a committee for a minimum of 8 hours. An $80 Committee Service Guarantee check is due at the time of registration. This check will be returned at the end of the Tour, if you meet these committee service requirements.  If you elect to not serve on a committee, you can check the appropriate box and the $80 check will be deposited along with the registration fee. This requirement is waived for Committee Chairs.
  9. Each Studio will be supplied one metal A-Frame and two H-Frames, each with appropriate SFST directional signs. Extra H-Frame with directional signs will be available for an additional nominal fee. ALL signs must be returned at the end of the Studio Tour. A $50 Sign Deposit Check is due AT THE TIME THE SIGNS ARE PICKED UP. The Sign Deposit Check will be returned to the artist when the signs are returned.
  10. Studio Sharing – If your studio is big enough to share with other artists for the Tour, we will help match up artists who have extra space with artists who need space. Please indicate on the application if you would like to have another artist in your space and/or if you want to share someone’s studio. Each artist in a shared studio must fill out an application and pay the appropriate registration fee.
  11. Artists agree to be responsible for their own self-promotion by notifying clients, friends, family, etc. All SFST branding and logos must be used with your self-promotion. SFST brands and logos will be supplied upon request.
  12. Artists will need to proof-read and approve all information for the brochure, map, SFST website, and advertisements by the deadlines provided. If corrections or changes are not submitted by those deadlines, we print as is.
  13. All proofs, notifications of meeting dates and communications will be sent to the email address supplied on your application. It is the artist’s responsibility to stay informed.
  14.  Artist or artist’s representative must attend mandatory meetings as communicated via email notification.
  15. Artists will submit 5 – 8 high quality images for use in brochures, SFST website and advertising:
    • Resolution: 350 dpi each,
    • Dimensions: longest side 6”
    • NOTE: You may include an image of yourself working in the studio (and “action” shot) as well as images of individual pieces of your work. We will provide instructions on how to submit your images.

If you have questions about registering for the tour, please  click here to contact us.