Artist Resources

2019 SFST Dates: June 22 & 23 and JUne 29 & 30

Registration for the 2019 Tour is now CLOSED.

The Information below is for REGISTERED artists of the 2019 Santa Fe Studio Tour



Participating Artists – Help support your 2019 Tour by seeking donations, which are a key component to funding our advertising. Please use the UPDATED donation cover letter and form, which you will find by clicking here.


Key Dates and Deadlines


Upcoming Dates

Return your signs

If you are NOT participating in Art Week
When: Sunday, June 30 6pm-8pm and Monday, July 1 7-10am
Where: 814 Camino Zozobra, Santa Fe (nearest major intersection is Old Pecos Trail and E. Zia)
If you ARE participating in Art Week:
When: Monday-Tuesday, July 22-23 8am-10am or 5pm-7pm
Where: 814 Camino Zozobra, Santa Fe
Note: To use your signs for Art Week, place something (e.g., a piece of paper with “OPEN”) over the studio number with non-permanent adhesive (e.g., 3M removable tape) and remove it before you return the sign.

When you return the signs in good condition, your $50 deposit check will be given back to you (this is why it is important that you remit SEPARATE checks for your deposit and for any additional signs).

Artists’ Wrap Up Party

Theme: Americana
When: Tuesday, July 2, 2019 – 6pm-9pm
Where: Las Palomas Hotel, 460 West San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
Wear: “Americana” costumes encouraged but not required

  • ALL STUDIOS: BYOB Beer, wine, champagne, iced tea – your choice
  • Studios 1-10: Sides/Salads (suggestions: mac & cheese, coleslaw, potato salad, green salad)
  • Studios 11-21: Entrees (suggestions: fried chicken, hot dogs, ribs, pigs in a blanket)
  • Studios 22-45: Desserts (suggestions: apple & cherry pie, smore’s, brownies)
  • Studios 46-58: Appetizers (suggestions: suggestions: deviled eggs, celery w/peanut butter)

RSVP: Click here to RSVP by email (or copy and paste into an email).


Past Dates

Artists collect work from Preview Gallery

When:Sunday, June 16, 2019 between 4 and 6pm
Where: Santa Fe Woman’s Club, 1616 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Preview Gallery Hours

When: Saturday and Sunday, June 15 and 16, 2019 – 11am-4pm
Where: Santa Fe Woman’s Club, 1616 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Preview Gallery Opening Reception

When: Friday, June 14, 2019 – 5pm-8pm
Where: Santa Fe Woman’s Club, 1616 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
Bring: Business cards / take away postcards to be displayed on a table during the Opening Reception and Preview Gallery (if you didn’t already provide these on the 13th.

Artists deliver artwork to Preview Gallery,
pick up signs and brochures

When: Thursday, June 13, 2019 – 12:00 – 6pm
Where: Santa Fe Woman’s Club, 1616 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

  1. A check for $50 made out to SFSAC – this is a deposit for your two H-frames and one A-frame, and will be returned to you when you return the signs undamaged
  2. Cash or a SEPARATE check made out to SFSAC to pay for additional H-frame signs you ordered ($5/sign – nonrefundable)
  3. Two copies of the acknowledgement email you received when you registered your title card on-line. These will be used as your receipt for the piece you deliver.
  4. Business cards / take away postcards to be displayed on a table during the Opening Reception and Preview Gallery


What: SFSE 365 provides a platform to inform the public about SFSE 365 artists with open studio dates scheduled throughout the year. Visit the new website at to see the list of participating artists, images of their work, and the community calendar showing which studios are open this month.
EXTENDED registration deadline: Friday, June 15, 2019
How to register: Click here to read the GUIDELINES and REQUIREMENTS (Terms and Conditions) for SANTA FE STUDIO EXPERIENCE 365, complete the application, and pay the registration fee using PayPal.

Deadline to order additional H-frame signs

When: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
About: Your registration fee entitles you to two H-Frame and one A-Frame signs; this is your opportunity to order additional H-Frame signs if you need them
Cost: $5 per additional H-Frame sign
How: Click here to send an email.
If the above link doesn’t work for you, copy and paste into an email and be sure to include your name, studio number and how many additional H-Frame signs you want to purchase. Also enter “Ordering additional H-Frame Signs” on the subject line.

How to Prepare for the Tour Workshop

When: Sunday, May 19, 2019 – 1:30-3:30 pm
Where: Southside Public Library, 6599 Jaguar Dr., Santa Fe, NM
About: Learn tips and tricks to plan for a successful Tour. Designed for newly participating artists, but all participating artists are welcome. We will also provide a status update on the administration of the Tour.

Deadline for completing online form for Preview Gallery title card

When: Monday, April 1, 2019
Click here to open, complete and submit the online form.

Deadline for applying for SFST 2019 Commemorative Poster

When: Saturday, March 30, 2019
About: As a fundraiser, the Santa Fe Studio Arts Collective (SFSAC) will publish its second annual Santa Fe Studio Tour poster, to be sold online and at the Preview Gallery. The 2019 Commemorative Poster will be printed on archival paper and will be signed by the artist. The poster will feature the work of one registered artist of the 2019 Tour and will be chosen by a selection committee.
Click here to learn more and to apply.

Santa Fe Studio Experience 365 (SFSE 365)

To learn more, attend the meeting on 19 Mar 2019 at 5:30pm at the Southside Branch Library, 6955 Jaguar Dr., SF, NM 87507. Hear the plan for initiating SFSE 365, which is open to all 2019 Santa Fe Studio tour (SFST) artists. Supported by Santa Fe TOURISM, SFSE 365 will provide a platform to inform the public about SFSE 365 artists with open studio dates scheduled throughout the year. In addition, a LOKA Creative rep will present their new TOURISM Santa Fe Visual Art & Museum Marketing Campaign. LOKA Creative, in partnership with TKO Advertising and V Media, has been contracted by Tourism Santa Fe to execute an innovative marketing project to enhance Santa Fe’s reputation as a high-end cultural destination and attract high-end art collectors and culture experience seekers in a trackable campaign. There will be a discussion of how SFSE 365 can be a part of that campaign.

Social Media Class 2: Advanced Class: Social Media Techniques + Best Practices

When: Sunday, February 24, 2019 – 1:30-3:30 pm
Where: Southside Branch Library, 6599 Jaguar Drive, Santa Fe, NM
Speakers: Jesse Freidin, Professional Photographer and Artist Business Coach and Greg Spalenka, Professional Artist and Artist Business Coach

  1. How to set up your account for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  2. How to use each account properly
  3. What is a good website/blog and how to make one

Bring: Notepad and/or laptop for note taking
Open to: Registered Artists AND the public

Social Media Class 1: Intro to Social Media Marketing: A Bird’s Eye View

When: Sunday, February 10, 2019 – 1:30-3:30 pm
Where: Southside Branch Library, 6599 Jaguar Drive, Santa Fe, NM
Speakers: Jesse Freidin, Professional Photographer and Artist Business Coach and Greg Spalenka, Professional Artist and Artist Business Coach

  • Why social media is crucial to the success of hobbyists and professional artists
  • How to use social media in tandem with other marketing strategies: in person networking, exhibiting, etc.
  • How to promote your work authentically + what messages to project
  • How to utilize your blog, website and social media as one tool

Bring: Notepad and/or laptop for note taking
Open to: Registered Artists AND the public

Submission deadline for Social Media Advertising Campaign

When: February 4, 2019
What: In the months preceding the Santa Fe Studio Tour, we will feature participating artists on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.
How: Click here to learn what you need to submit and where to send it.

Image submission deadline (for brochure and website)

When: January 31, 2019
More Info:Click here for guidelines and instructions on how to submit your images.

Photo Workshop

Learn tips & tricks for photographing your art; learn how to crop and size your photos to meet SFST specifications.
When: December 18th, 5:30 start
Where: Graphic Sky Printing, 3218 Calle Marie, Unit A, Santa Fe, NM 87507
Speaker: Josh Weybright, Owner of Graphic Sky Printing
Bring: A chair to sit in

1st General Meeting for all 2019 Participating Artists

When: December 4th, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Where: Graphic Sky Printing, 3218 Calle Marie, Unit A, Santa Fe, NM 87507
Bring: A chair to sit in
NOTE: This is a MANDATORY meeting for ALL participating artists. If you cannot attend, please send a representative in your place.

Benefits to participating in the Santa Fe Studio Tour

    • Artists featured in full color brochure with 10,000 copies distributed by a professional service
    • Artists featured in preview gallery
    • Targeted advertising blitz leading up to the Tour


  • Print and on-line advertising
  • On-line calendars
  • Social media with over 1,100 Facebook followers
  • Outreach activities, e.g., Farmer’s Market
    • Year-round exposure


  • Tour Website
  • Newsletter, with1,200 subscribers
  • Rack cards professionally distributed during non-tour months
  • Social Media
    • Other Opportunities for Tour Artists


  • Artist In Residence at local hotels,
  • Free advertising on SFST Website for studios open during Holiday Showcase in November and/or December
  • Additional venues and programs as proposed during the year


Guidelines & Requirements for ALL Participating Artists

  1. The tour is open to artists who produce gallery quality work, have a sufficient body of work, and either have or can arrange for studio space appropriate for a professional presentation. Participation is open to artists who live in Santa Fe County, but for the purpose of the Tour they must arrange to show in a studio located within 10 miles of the Palace of the Governors, as determined by using the Google Maps DRIVING distance function. However, studios located outside of this area that were featured in the Santa Fe Studio Tour within the last three years are grandfathered into the Tour. [Description of studio location requirement was updated on 24 Sep 2018 to make it more clear and concise]
  2. Artists must commit to be present in their studios both weekends of the tour during the advertised hours of 10 am – 5 pm.
  3. Registration: Artists must complete and submit their application and pay their fee ONLINE.
  4. Required Information: To complete the ONLINE application all artists must enter:


  • a CRS number (gross receipts tax number); NOTE: You can apply for a NM CRS# online at:
  • an email address
  • a website
  • a studio address
  • confirmation of liability insurance for the studio location – NOTE: The Santa Fe Studio Arts Collective is not liable for the property and/or facilities of others nor injury to anyone on that property.
  1. Communications: Artists must understand that the main forms of communication between Tour Administrators and Artists will be via: a) email, and b) information posted on the SFST website.
  2. Sales: All sales proceeds received by participating artists remain the property of the selling artist and all costs and taxes incurred from the sale of art by the artist are to remain the responsibility of the artist. As required by New Mexico law, each artist must have a CRS (gross receipts tax) number and be responsible for collecting and paying sales tax for their business. If required by law, each artist must have a business license either from the City of Santa Fe or County of Santa Fe, depending on where they are located.
  3. Signs: Each Studio will be supplied one metal A-Frame and two H-Frames, each with appropriate SFST directional signs. A $50 Sign Deposit Check is due AT THE TIME THE SIGNS ARE PICKED UP. Extra H-Frames with directional signs will be available for an additional fee payable by a separate check or cash. Artists or their representative are responsible for picking up their signs at the designated place and time. If you or your representative do not pick up your signs, you will be charged a $25 late pick up fee, payable by separate check. ALL SIGNS MUST BE RETURNED at the end of the Studio Tour. The Sign Deposit Check will be returned to the artist when the signs are returned in good condition. You will be charged $15.00 for each sign that is returned damaged.
  4. Studio Sharing: Studio sharing is allowed. You are responsible for finding a participating artist with whom to share. Each artist in a shared studio must fill out an application and pay the registration fee. This will be strictly enforced. If you allow another artist to share your studio space without registering and without paying the registration fee, you will both be denied participation in the following year’s tour. In addition, the artist who shared without registering will be required to immediately pay their registration fee. NOTE: it is the host’s responsibility to confirm with their insurance company that the guest artist is also covered.
  5. Image submission requirements – Artists will submit 6 – 8 high quality images for use in brochures, SFST website, print and electronic advertising:
  • Resolution: 300 dpi each
  • Dimensions: longest side 6” (1800 pixels)
  • Website images will be cropped square. If you want to control the cropping, then crop your images to square before submitting them.
  • Images must be submitted via email or DropBox
  • Submission instructions and deadlines will be posted to the website on the Artist Resources tab.

NOTE: You may include an image of yourself working in the studio (an “action” shot) as well as images of individual pieces of your work.

  1. Mandatory Meetings: Artist or artist’s representative must attend 2 mandatory meetings; meeting dates will be posted to the website Artists Resources tab.
  • Meeting #1 When: About seven months before the Tour; Purpose: General orientation, receive donation forms, and confirm committee volunteers
  • Meeting #2 When: About six weeks before the Tour; Purpose: Pick up brochures/handouts, Tour update.
  1. Mandatory Tasks: Artist or artist’s representative must complete the below listed tasks. Dates will be posted to the website Artists Resources tab.
  • Proof brochure, advertisements, website, etc. – All proofs for review will be sent to the email address supplied on your application. Artists are required to proofread and approve all information for the brochure, map, SFST website, and advertisements by the deadlines provided. If corrections or changes are not submitted by those deadlines, we print as is.
  • Pick up signs
  • Drop off preview gallery entries
  • Pick up preview gallery entries – NOTE: artists who fail to pick up their preview gallery entries at the specified date and time will be fined $100.00.
  • Return signs after the Tour
  1. Self-Promotion: Artists agree to be responsible for their own self-promotion by notifying clients, friends, family, etc. SFST logos must be used with all your self-promotion for the Tour. SFST logos will be emailed to you about four months before the Tour.
  2. Donations: Artists are expected to solicit donations in support of the Tour. A Donations Committee will coordinate. Over half of the funds needed to make the Tour a success are from donations.
  3. Volunteering: Artists are encouraged to volunteer to help make the Tour a success for all artists. Tour Committees looking for volunteers will be listed on the application.



Santa Fe Studio Arts Collective is proud to present the 2019 Santa Fe Studio Tour. Local artists, engaged in creating fine art in Santa Fe County, open their studios annually the last two weekends in June for the Santa Fe Studio Tour. Open to the public, a free event, this is a unique opportunity for the public to see the artists’ latest work and their working environment. This tour allows visitors to map out their own route and see as many studios as they wish. Most studios have an artist demonstrating their techniques and all studios have art for sale.

Our Vision:

Santa Fe Studio Arts Collective is a community of studio artists dedicated to the creation of art as an important and indispensable part of the life and the economy of the City and County of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Our Mission:

To support local member artists and promote the arts in Santa Fe County. We aim to serve the artists by promoting and sharing their art as a valuable asset for sale through educational, social, and cultural engagement. We aim to go both behind the studio walls and beyond to promote and nurture excellence in artistic creation and appreciation.