Social Media Ad Instructions

submission guidelines and instructions for social media advertising campaign

Only registered artists for this year’s Santa Fe Studio Tour will be featured in the Social Media Advertising Campaign

To be featured, please send any of the following by 4 Feb:
1) No more than 3 examples of your work
2) No more than 3 photos of you at work in your studio/behind the scenes shots
3) No more than 3 photos of your work up at a gallery

In addition to the photos, you must also send:
1) Your name (the name you use for your art/art business)
2) Your website and/or social media accounts (ie: the name you use for Instagram and Facebook)
3) A few sentences about your work + a personal quote about why you do what you do + a little personal quote about each piece

SOCIAL MEDIA Image Requirements:
Images must be JPGs, sized at 72dpi, 1600pixels wide minimum
NOTE – these requirements are different from the image requirements for the website and brochure, so don’t confuse the two!
If your photos are not sized properly, we cannot/will not use them.

In order to create engaging social media posts, we really need great photos and great stories/copy. Please help us by providing great content, and we’ll help you by featuring you!


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