Brochure Committee

The Brochure Committee coordinates and manages the process to create, proof and print the brochure for the Santa Fe Studio Tour.

Committee Size

  • 1 Lead plus 2 volunteers

Printing Company

  • Solicit at least three quotes for printing the brochure and submit to the Board for approval


  • Establish a timeline for providing images to Graphic Sky, proofing, and printing in order to meet deadlines, such as the insert for the New Mexican, and other distribution activities.


  • Arrange to have artists proof and confirm all of their images and info to be printed in the Brochure
  • Arrange to provide the following to Graphic Sky to populate the brochure template:
    • Artist contact information (phone number, email, website, studio address)
    • Identification of those artists who:
      • Are demonstrating
      • Belong to SFSE365
    • The artists’ studio numbers
    • The images supplied by the artists
    • List of donors, including logo images for the top donors
  • Select artist images for the front and back covers and provide them to Graphic Sky
  • Provide Graphic Sky with updates of new Tour information (e.g., dates, times, locations, Board members, updated information for p. 4, etc.


  • Arrange for at least three people proof the brochure for content, artist information, image framing, typos, dates, etc.; have Graphic Sky make corrections
  • Send corrected version to all artists to review their information/images; have Graphic Sky make corrections
  • Arrange for at least three people to perform a final proofing review

Printing and Distribution                                                   

  • Have Graphic Sky submit the final proof to the printing company
  • Coordinate with the Distribution Committee to have some of the brochures:
    • delivered to the New Mexican for inserts,
    • picked up by Brochure Distribution, and
    • picked up by the Tour Distribution Committee for distribution by their volunteers


Update (or create) ‘how to’ / handover documentation as needed; note ways to improve the process in the following year and post to DropBox at the end of the year.