Distribution Committee

The Distribution Committee manages and coordinates the distribution of Tour brochures and flyers to the Brochure Distribution Company, local newspapers, and various local venues not covered by the Distribution Company.


Committee Size

  • 1 Lead plus 5 to 8 volunteers

New Mexican Inserts

  • Coordinate with the Brochure Committee and the New Mexican to have brochures inserted the Friday before the first weekend of the Tour; confirm date brochures must be delivered
  • Arrange for the printing company to deliver the appropriate number of brochures to the New Mexican. Ensure the printing company puts the insert date on the boxes of brochures it delivers to the New Mexican.

Brochure Distribution Co.

  • Coordinate the distribution of brochures and flyers with the Brochure Distribution company and inform Treasurer of the monthly fees

Distribution Committee Volunteers

  • Coordinate brochure distribution to be handled by SFST volunteers

Artist Distribution

  • Arrange for each artist to receive 10-15 brochures when they pick up their signs
  • Coordinate supplying more brochures to artists if they run out during the Tour

End of Tour

  • Reserve 25-50 brochures to be used in Outreach events after the Tour
  • Provide any remaining brochures to the Brochure Distribution company for the month following the Tour


Update (or create) ‘how to’ / handover documentation as needed; note ways to improve the process in the following year and post to DropBox at the end of the year.