Donations Committee

The Donations Committee solicits donations from previous and new donors to support the Santa Fe Studio Tour, and works with the Treasurer to send ‘thank you’ notes at the end of the Tour.

Committee Size

  • 1 Lead plus 5 volunteers

Donation Campaign Plan – Start about 6 months out

  • Review and update donor letters, donor levels and donor forms.
  • Review donor lists from past years.
  • Assign past donors to committee members. Provide them with donor letters and form files to print and take with them.
  • Identify and solicit new donors.
  • Work with Social Media Committee Chair to develop social media campaigns to attract donations.
  • Work with Social Media Committee Chair to develop a donation button on Facebook.
  • Consider ‘prizes’ for artists who bring in the most $donations and #donors.

Record Donations

  • Obtain from the Treasurer the spreadsheet listing donors and payments received.
  • Use spreadsheet to develop donor poster for Preview Gallery.
  • Work with the Brochure and Website Committee chairs to review donor list on back page of the brochure and on website.
  • Request logos from top level donors and post to DropBox for easy access by Brochure and Website Committees

Thank-you Cards

  • Work with the Treasurer to send any W-9 forms, as requested by donors, and to send 501(c)(3) letters to donors.
  • Consider sending with hand-written thank you notes.


  • Update (or create) ‘how to’ / handover documentation as needed; note ways to improve the process in the following year and post to DropBox at the end of the year.