Registration Committee

The Registration Committee handles the application process for the Santa Fe Studio Tour.

Committee Size

  • 1 Lead plus 3 volunteers

Application Form

  • Update the current application/registration form and present it to the SFSAC Board for approval.
  • Provide the approved form to the Website Committee Chair to update the online form.
  • Review and test the online form for functionality

Review Applications

  • Review online registration submissions for completeness; follow up as necessary and update the online registration form for any changes/additions
  • Verify the studio address is no more than 10 miles from the Palace of the Governors using Google maps and follow up if necessary
  • Verify the artist has a working website representing their work and follow up if necessary
  • Send registration confirmation email to the applicant AFTER confirming with the Treasurer that we have received the registration payment.


  • When registration has closed, export the online database to Excel and clean it up [upper/lower case consistency and address consistency (e.g. Rd vs Road, St. vs Street, St. vs St)]
  • Distribute the cleaned up and finalized registration spreadsheet to the Website Committee Chair.


Update (or create) ‘how to’ / handover documentation as needed; note ways to improve the process in the following year and post to DropBox at the end of the year.