Website Committee

The website committee ensures the website is updated for the new Tour, including online forms, artists, images, studios, dates, etc.

Committee Size

  • 1 Lead plus 7 to 9 volunteers

Maintain existing WordPress based website:

Website Committee Chair coordinates a team of 6-9 volunteers for the following tasks:

  1. Update information on website pages as needed for new Tour
  2. Create, maintain and update online forms as needed
    1. Registration Form
    2. Preview gallery Title Card Form
    3. Contact & Volunteer Forms (little to no activity)
    4. Email Collection Forms coordinated with advertising efforts (separate Form URLs for each ad)
  3. Delete non-returning artists and add new artists
  4. Create new Google Map with participating artists and assign studio numbers; solicit artist review of online map and respond accordingly
  5. Update the studio addresses & associate the updated studio numbers / addresses with the correct artists
  6. Associate artwork images with the correct artist
  7. Solicit artist review of ALL their information and images and respond accordingly
  8. Update the Donate page with new Sponsors
  9. Maintain and update the following pages
    1. Artist Resources
    2. Collector’s Poster
    3. Newsletter

New Website:

If the Board approves budget for a new website, work with approved contractor to design a new website.


Update ‘how to’ / handover documentation as needed; note ways to improve the process in the following year and post to DropBox at the end of the Tour.