App-Website Committee

The app/website committee ensures the app/website is updated for the new Tour, including online forms, artists, images, studios, dates, etc. What follows is a summary of tasks involved. More detailed ‘how to’ instructions will be provided to volunteers.

Committee Size: 1 Lead plus 6-9 volunteers
Assign Studio Numbers
  • Use Google Maps to assign studio numbers to artists
  • Provide assigned studio numbers to the Signs Committee and app/website volunteers

Update app

  • Update information in app as needed for new Tour
  • Create, maintain and update online forms as needed
  • Update all studio addresses
  • Update all artist info and images
  • Update the Donate page with new Sponsors/Donors
  • Maintain and update the SFST Articles and the SFST Schedule
  • Maintain existing website (NOTE- website may be N/A in 2021)
    Update how to’s and suggest any improvements to process
    Helpful skills: Basic computer skills, ability to follow instructions, attention to detail, need reliable internet connection, word processing and spreadsheet skills are a plus.